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Avoid Metaphors - Get In The Game


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Science is, at it's core descriptive.

Meaning they look at things, and describe what happens.

To the extent that what they describe is repeatable, they can predict what's going to happen.

Even things that are complex, yet repeatable, can be used scientifically without really knowing why.

A prime example is anesthesia.

Tens of thousands of time per day, people are knocked out, cut open, sewed back up, and are perfectly fine.

A week or so later they can get up and walk around like nothing happened.

But WHY, exactly, does anesthesia work?

Truth is nobody really knows.

They have a lot of educated guesses, but beyond that, they're not sure.

This is especially true with ANYTHING involving us humans.

Sure, if you're doing experiments on things like plants or interactions between inanimate objects, you can do it over and over.

But you can't really do that with humans.

So any time anybody talks about us humans, especially when people start tossing numbers around, it's ONLY a metaphor.

And metaphors are NOT the "thing" they are trying to describe.

The are less complex descriptions of more complex things.

So we can understand.

Why do we want to understand?

Well, there are only two reasons.

One is to have an academic, logical, rational understanding.

But since with humans this is impossible, there's only one other option.

And that is because we want to achieve an objective.

For doctors and anesthesiologists, the objective is simple.

To be able to knock 'em out, cut 'em open, sew 'em back up, and send them on their way.

So long as they can achieve that, HOW, exactly it happens is not so important.

Often times we humans tend to overly focus on the metaphor.

Usually when we DON'T WANT to look at our objectives.

This is very common in social situations.

Somebody will toss about a metaphor about this or that social idea.

And instead of seeing that metaphor for what it is, a tool to help GET IN THE GAME, we instead focus on the metaphor.

We want to dissect the metaphor.

Try to outdo each other with BETTER and CLEVERER metaphors.

This is what they mean when they say, "Don't look at the finger, look where it's pointing."

A very common example of this is whenever people talk about our subconscious mind.

The subconscious is a metaphor.

The conscious is a metaphor.

They describe different categories of thinking and behavior.

Very GENERAL categories.

You KNOW when you're stuck up in metaphorical la-la land when you're worried about the SPECIFIC intentions of your "subconscious."

"Maybe I should wait because my subconscious wants me to do this or that or the other thing..."

Uh huh.

Instead, consider just getting in the game and having some fun.


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