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A very common ideal is to be outcome independent.

This is true in sports, sales, persuasion and seduction.

In sports, this can lead to the coveted "flow state."

When an athlete or musician is operating a very high state of performance, but at the same time not needing very much of their conscious minds.

Everybody experiences this, but usually in unremarkable ways.

Whenever you learn a new skill to the point of unconscious competence, this is essentially what happens.

You are doing that skill, but since you've learned it "by heart," you don't need much of your conscious mind.

If you're playing a song on an instrument, this is when you can just relax and feel the music flow through you.

But if you aren't quite at the level of unconscious competence, meaning you still need your conscious mind, this is when you can mess up.

You can be sort of in that flow state, feeling the music flowing through you, but then you start to THINK about where to put your fingers.

And just that THOUGHT of moving your fingers consciously KILLS the flow state.

The more complicated the skill is, the more metaphysical this flow state can be.

It's most interesting to psychologists when it's in a competition.

It's one thing to practice a piece on the piano over and over until you learn it by heart.

Pretty soon you can play it without thinking.

But when your mind-body system is operating at a level of unconscious competence WHILE in a competition, this is VERY amazing.

Playing the piano over and over is the EXACT same thing.

But in a competition, ever move is NEW.

You are in the flow state, but you are also responding to an organically evolving system.

This is like a META flow state.

This is also the most sought after mindset to have when in a conversation with somebody you've never met before.

They say something, and you respond.

Not only automatically, but unconsciously AND in a way that PERFECTLY gets you closer to your intention.

This is where the term, "outcome independent" is kind of misnomer.

An athlete is in the flow state, and they are outcome independent.

But the CONSCIOUS intention is to win.

Especially for professional athletes.

So the term, "outcome independent" really means to TURN OVER your outcome to your subconscious programming.

The part that has developed the skill to the point of UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE.

On the one hand, this does take practice.

You can't jump ahead steps.

You've got to go through all four.

Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and finally unconscious competence.

But the ONE THING that will slow you down if you try to use your conscious brain too much.

How can you turn that off?

So you can learn much more quickly and effectively?

By only using JUST ENOUGH of your conscious mind to guide your practice.

Just enough, but no more.

Learn How:



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