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Stop Tripping Over Your Feet


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Pop art tends to pace the human condition very well.

Especially pop music and popular TV.

The song, "Destroyer," from the Kinks, for example, has the following line:

"You get a good thing going and you blow yourself out..."

The song, "Should I stay or should I go," from The Clash has a similar line:

"This indecision's bugging me..."

A common trope in movies is the hero starts to fall hard for their romantic interest.

But they have a deep fear.

That their romantic interest will find out who they REALLY are, and flee.

Perhaps you've felt this before?

You start doing something pretty good.

It could be a relationship, or a job, or even something you're doing just for fun.

Pretty soon you start to perform BETTER than you'd hoped or expected.

And that deep fear creeps up.

That voice inside your head that says:

"Dude, you have no business doing this. Pretty soon you'll mess up like you ALWAYS do, and then everybody will know what a LOSER you really are!"

Perhaps it's not those exact words.

Sometimes it's just a deep, dark suspicion.

As soon as we feel that suspicion, and the anxiety that it creates, we're as good as done.

The ANXIETY interferes with our thinking.

Pretty soon we are operating with MUCH LESS brain capacity that we have available.

And just like clockwork, we mess up.

And trip over our own feet.

This is essentially the most common self destructive STRUCTURE that makes up the human condition.

But guess what?

You can DISMANTLE this common structure so it doesn't bother you again.

It requires you understand why this structure is the way it is.

It's SOMEWHAT like our hunger instinct.

Way back in the day, it was a massive benefit to ALWAYS be thinking about food.

To eat as much as you could whenever you could.

Kind of like a family on a road trip.

If you see a gas station, you fill up.

"Gee honey, we're making good time, I think we can make it to the next gas station, wherever it is!"

Uh, yeah... 


But just like hunger can be managed, so can this "self destructive instinct."

Even better, is this self destructive instinct is MUCH EASIER to manage than hunger.

Because food is, after all, necessary to NOT DIE.

All that other junk up in our brain?

Not so much.

Once you understand the emotional structure of this EXTREMELY COMMON self-destructive worry and anxiety, you can get rid of it.

Once and for all.

Learn How:


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