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When native English speakers say they can perceive things that aren't being said, we say "reading between the lines."

In Japan, they say, "reading the air."

Which are two ways of saying the same thing.

Humans have been living in social groups for millions of years.

Long BEFORE we became humans.

We've only developed spoken language about 200K years ago.

Which is only a FRACTION of the time we've been hanging around each other.

They say that the words we use are only 7% of our communication.

Non-verbal makes up the rest.

What, exactly, is non-verbal?

How you speak.

How quickly or slowly.

How confidently or not confidently.

How quickly or slowly you move while speaking.

Your gestures and posture.

Most of this stuff is TRANSMITTED and RECEIEVED unconsciously.

Unless you are deliberately using gestures and tonality and facial expressions, which is very unlikely.

Something as simple and straightforward as rapport, matching and mirroring body language, is EASY to forget.

So what does it mean to, "read the air," or "read between the lines"?

It's to be OPEN to all this communication.

Which is MOST of this communication.

With just a quick sorting for rapport, for example, you can see who is chasing whom.

Imagine, for example, that you see a guy and a girl sitting across from one another.

Most people would see this and not notice much about their body language.

But just a quick focus on their rapport would tell you a lot.

For example, imagine if the guy was leaning forward, his arms and legs uncrossed,  while gazing directly at the girl.

And the girl had her ankles crossed under the table, and her forearm resting in front of her.

While gazing off to the side of the guy.

From a pure body language, subconscious communication standpoint, the guy is into her WAY more than she is into him.

You could pick on this in less than a SECOND if you knew what to look for.

The amount of social information "between the lines" is IMMENSE.

But few people can see it.


It's VERY HARD to pick up on all this stuff if you are inwardly worried.

If you have a bunch of nervous chatter running around your brain.

But if you were to ONLY turn off this nervous chatter, the amount of social information would EXPLODE.

You don't need to learn how to do this.

You only need to TURN OFF all that nervous energy that is wasting all your valuable brain resources.

Luckily, that's pretty easy.

It requires doing a few simple exercises to PREPARE for those social situations.

So you can read the MASSIVE amounts of social information that is EVERYWHERE.

Learn How:


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