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Anxiety can significantly mess things up.

But from looking at it from the inside, this is true, but because you're also in a state of anxiety, it's impossible to see how or why.

Which makes solutions from this state seem impossible.

One of Einstein's famous sayings is you can't solve a problem from the same mindset that created the problem.

This makes things even worse.

If you are in a state of anxiety, you make less than optimal decisions.

These decisions can make things worse.

Those worse things will create more anxiety.

Next thing you know you're swirling around in a panic.

This isn't even nice to THINK about, let alone experience.

From a structural standpoint, it's easy to see why.

The shorter your "time view," the less likely you'll make good decisions.

Generally speaking, long game trumps short game every time.

A long game decision is generally better for you than a short game decision.

From a structural standpoint, this is the main issue of anxiety.

It utterly kills your long view.

And forces you ONLY to see the short view.

But even worse, it only allows you to see the short term view in terms of DECREASING emotional pain.

Of course, the only way to decrease emotional pain, in the short term, is do something, in the short term, that creates an emotional pleasure that is stronger, in energy, than the short term emotional pain.

From outside the system, it's obvious this strategy is doomed.

How to stop this from happening?

One way is to PRACTICE becoming emotionally centered.

To create a serious of powerful emotional anchors.

That allow you to look at the PURE ENERGY that exists in ALL emotions, and see it as the SAME ENERGY that EVERYTHING is created from.

When we feel "bad" or "good" these are based on the labels we give our emotions.

And it's based on how we THINK these emotions will impact our behavior, and whether that behavior will help us or hurt us.

A lot of anxiety comes from projecting our worse case fears into the future.

When you practice feeling your emotions, and seeing the pure energy BENEATH them, this will happen less and less.

Like anything else, it requires consistent practice.

But it will give you a significant amount of emotional control in ANY situation.

So much that whatever your WORST FEARED emotions may be now, they won't bother you a bit.

You can FEEL them, and still think powerfully, rationally, and in a way that will MAXIMIZE your long term success.

Learn How:


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