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How To Control+Alt+Delete Your Brain


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I had a boss a while ago that wasn't very computer literate.

Not only that, but she had her own PC, and the PC the rest of us in the office had to use.

She would always put new programs on the group PC.

When we would complain, she would always act like our complaints were unfounded.

"But it just runs in the background," she would say.

As if not seeing a program running means you wouldn't be influenced by it.

Since she didn't use that particular computer, she didn't experience how utterly slow all these other programs made it.

We'd be trying to do our work, and all these other programs that were "running in the background," would be making things impossible.

It's common to notice your PC is running slow, so you open up the task manager.

If you see some weird looking software name that's using 90% of your system resources, it's common to look up the name.

And if you find out it's safe to turn off, you can turn it off.

Once you turn it off, your computer is fast and usable again.

Sometimes these programs are part of the OS.

They are built so you CAN'T turn them off.

You just have to wait until they are finished running.

Our brains work very much like a PC operating system.

We have stuff running in the foreground, our conscious brain.

And the stuff running in the background, our subconscious brain.

Sometimes the stuff running in the background slows us up considerably.

For example, if you are doing a mentally intensive task, like studying calculus for an exam, but you're worried about something, it's IMPOSSIBLE to concentrate.

On the other hand, if your brain is free from worry, it's a lot easier and a lot more effective to study.

Sometimes we give each other advice, that SOUNDS good, but it's also kind of useless.

Like we'll be trying to do something, but we can't.

We can't because something is bothering us.

Like one of these background programs hogging up our resources.

A friend will notice and ask what's up.

"I can't stop thinking about X," we say.

"Dude," they reply, "It's useless to worry about something you can't control," they advise us.

"Just let it go," they proclaim.

Easy in theory, impossible in practice.

How, EXACTLY do we "let something go?"

If if were that easy, it wouldn't be bothering us in the first place.

Are they REALLY expecting us to say:

"Oh, just let it go! Why didn't I think of that!"

Unfortunately, getting rid of background programs isn't as obvious as hitting Control+Alt+Delete and just hitting "end program."

But there IS a way.

And once you learn how, you will gain back TONS of mental processing power.

Learn How:


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