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Rocky, Baseball and Car Crashes


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I had a friend a while back who went through a divorce.

It completely blindsided him.

He was really messed up, and went in for some counseling.

One thing she told him was to be careful while driving.

Turns out lots of people have accidents after a traumatic event.

It messes up your thinking.

A lot of negative emotions swirling around.

The thing about emotions is we only feel some of them.

They're kind of like an iceberg.

For most of us, we only feel the small portion that is poking through the ocean surface.

This isn't bad or wrong, this makes perfect sense.

It is a very strong survival instinct.

If you dwell on negative emotions, they'll mess you up.

Which means if you're driving, you won't pay as much attention as you should, and you might crash.

But for ancient humans, dwelling on negative emotions would make you a terrible hunter.

Imagine a guy up to bat, bottom the ninth, last game of the world series.

Only right before he stepped up to the plate, his girlfriend called him and yelled at him for not putting the toilet seat down.

Dude probably wouldn't do so well.

Even in Rocky III (or maybe II or IV...) Rocky didn't want to train because Adrian was in a coma.

But when she woke up, it all changed.

Especially when she told him to win.

Then it was on like Donkey Kong.

This is how emotions can impact performance.

Good emotions caused by people we care about will make is conquer the world.

Bad emotions caused by people we care about will make us crash our cars.

For ancient humans, this was a matter of life and death.

So we evolved an instinct to keep bad emotions buried deep beneath the surface.

Ignoring them helped us survive.

Only now, that instinct doesn't work so much any more.

Which means if we want to be REALLY successful, we'll need to manage them.

Just like we need to manage our eating and activity if we want to be healthy.

Luckily, managing your emotions is WAY easier than managing your hunger.

In a way, it's kind of opposite.

When you're full, it's EASY to imagine going on a diet.

But the longer your diet lasts, the harder it gets.

But emotions are the opposite.

Just IMAGINING them causes deep anxiety and fear.

But they are actually not so bad.

Kind of like Rocky was taunting Mr. T.

"You ain't so bad! You ain't so bad! You ain't nothing!"

Once you can handle and manage your emotions, you'll open up a LOT more processing power in your brain.

For all KINDS of intelligence.

Learn How:


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