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The Real Reasons For Their Behavior


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Humans are driven by instincts.

And we have been for a long, long time.

Long before we developed self-awareness and language.

What instincts?

Things that keep us safe, and happy.

Things that keep us out of danger.

You don't need to learn to be afraid of snakes.

Experiments on babies show that in the first few days, we are naturally drawn toward sweet smells and tastes.

And we naturally turn away from pungent smells like garlic.

Unless the baby's mother is a garlic eater, then the baby comes out naturally attracted to garlic.

Because we are highly social creatures, we have a lot of social instincts.

We don't like being alone.

Solitary confinement is one of the worst ways to punish us.

One of the most motivating instincts is social proof.

This plays out in many, many ways.

Advertisers have known this for decades.

We tend to gravitate towards things that are popular.

Authority is another powerful motivator.

Because of both of these instincts, social proof and authority, we tend to organize into hierarchies.

Study after study shows this.

It's not like in the movies, where they have a big, drawn out fight over who gets to be the alpha.

It happens quickly and subconsciously.

This is how all our instincts drive us.

Quickly and subconsciously.

When you pass by a bakery, you don't need your conscious mind to decide to feel like eating something.

Your ancient brain smells the bread, and makes you hungry.

This is why losing weight by willpower is very, very difficult.

Any time you try and OVERRULE your subconscious instincts with your rational, self-aware mind, you will have a difficult time.

One of the curious things about us humans is we make all decisions with our emotions.

Emotions driven by these very powerful and very ancient instincts.

That's not the curious part.

The curious part is we need, or rather our ego needs, to come up with a rational sounding, logically believable reason WHY we did what we just did.

We don't like to say things like, "I bought this because everybody else was buying it."

That sounds silly!

We need to have rational, logical reasons.

But these rational, logical reasons are only to make our egos feel better.

They aren't the real reasons.

Problems pop up with we BELIEVE these logical reasons are the real reasons.

And we use them to try and understand ourselves.

And to understand others.

This CAN make life very, very confusing and frustrating.

How to make it easy?

How to make it simple?

Understand the emotional reasons for our decisions.

And their decisions.

This will give you x-ray vision into not only your own thinking, but everybody else's.

Learn How:


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