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One of the most baffling questions about us humans is our consciousness.

Our self awareness.

Neurologists know a great deal about our brains.

About how our neurons work together.

The parts of the brain that are responsible for certain things.

They do studies on prayer and meditation, and find benefits.

They can do magnetic resonance imaging of our brains while we are doing certain things.

As a science, they do what scientists do.

They look at something, measure it as carefully as they can, and then attempt to explain what it is they are looking at.

If it's something relatively simple, they can use science to predict what will happen.

If you know a bit about gravity, force, momentum, etc., you can launch a rocket and land it on the moon, or an asteroid, or another planet.

But just beneath the surface, we are pretty clueless.

Science can accurately describe WHAT happens, but we are pretty clueless as to WHY things happen.

Nowhere is this more confusing than studying the human brain.

Just the idea of that is kind of trance-inducing.

A group of scientists standing around studying a "brain" is really a bunch of brains standing around studying another brain.

Self awareness is the part of our brain inside our brain that is aware of itself.

A bunch of self-aware brains standing around studying anther self-aware brain is a kind of meta-level self-awareness.

One thing, however, CAN make understanding your own brain very simple.

See, when these neurologists study the brain, they can see "a brain" from an objective standpoint.

And seeing a brain from an objective standpoint gives one a much clearer view of what's really going on.

Much clearer than the subjective, internal, self-aware view.

This is pretty normal.

It's easy to point out certain behaviors in others, but very hard to find them in ourselves.

Once you take apart and look at the basic structure of how our brain works, and then apply that to yourself, it can make things MUCH easier.

We do things for the reasons we do things.

But we generally TELL OURSELVES slightly different reasons.

If we only look at the stories we tell ourselves, life can be VERY confusing.

But if we dig just below the surface, to find out why we REALLY do things, life is much, much easier.

Not only leading your own life, but leading others.

Learn How:


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