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I like to cook.

But most of the time, I don't use any recipes.

Once in a while, I'll find a decent one online.

But I rarely follow it exactly.

Long time ago, I took an "Asian cooking" class.

I took it twice, two summers in a row.

Same class, different teachers.

The first teacher was very specific.

Exact amounts.

Exact temperatures.

Exact times.

The second teacher was much more laid back.

Little of this, dash of that, and Bob's your uncle.

Most of the time, when I cook, that's how I do it.

Think of the ingredients, imagine how they'll go together, and then figure it out.

Of course, some times it comes out awful.

But I'm not very much a step-by-step kind of guy.

I'm more of a figure it out as you go along kind of guy.

But the thing is, when you're cooking, there's very little risk.

You kind of get a feel for what goes with what, and what doesn't go with what.

Human communication is the same way.

Human communication is related to human thought structure.

If you've NEVER cooked before, it can be intimidating without a recipe.

Just like a common worry when going into social situations is not knowing what to say.

But just like understanding food can help with whipping something up, understanding human thought structure can help understand what to say.

The thing about human thought is it's not that complex.

Sure, when we're talking or thinking about super important things, it can be extremely complicated.

But in social situations, it's pretty easy.

Since the main people go to social situations is to relax and enjoy themselves.

And learning about basic human thought patterns under those situations is pretty easy.

Everybody wants the same thing.

To meet a few interesting people and have an enjoyable time.

Everybody fears the same thing.

Unwanted social exposure, getting rejected, being put down or ridiculed in front of others.

Learning how to speak to people to maximize what they want, and minimize what they don't want is pretty easy.

Human thought, just like human language, has a very simple structure.

And for having fun, this can be a very enjoyable structure.

Which is EXACTLY what everybody is looking for.

So when you can speak in this structure, you'll always be a big hit.

At every party or social situation.

Lots of fun, and zero rejection.

Learn How:


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