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How To Always Get People Laughing


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If you watch a lot of TV, you'll find a lot of common characters.

Once, a long, long time ago, a friend of mine and I made a discovery.

We found that every comedy show has at least one guy that is kind of an idiot.

The comic relief character.

Little did we know that all fiction is made up of very common archetypes.

For example, it's widely recognized that The Seven Samurai had a large influence on the first few Star Wars movies.

If you watch both, you'll see that EACH of the Seven Samurai has a very close archetypical match to each Star Wars character.

For example, there was the one Samurai who only wanted to make money.

He was a very common, "outlaw-hero" archetype.

Just like Han Solo.

He began as a smuggler, and then was swayed by the "cause" to fight alongside the rebels.

All fictional stories have these archetypes because that is what we humans are drawn to.

We see ourselves in each one of these, at different times.

Sometimes we are the outlaw hero.

Sometimes we are the young hero.

Sometimes we are the old wise hero who trains the young and inexperienced hero.

But sometimes, it's appropriate to be the comic relief.

Especially at parties and social situations.

After all, we don't go out on weekends to destroy the villain.

We want to knock back a few and have some fun.

Many people want to be funnier.

To make people laugh more.

Luckily, this is a skill that you can learn.

A very POWERFUL skill.

It requires understanding the structure of language.

Because the structure of language is the structure of thought.

And if you understand that, you can REALLY have some fun.

Even if people are complaining about things, which people are prone to do.

You can drop in a couple of brain bombs and get things going.

Get people smiling.

Get people laughing.

Because even the most serious movies NEED some comic relief.

And if you learn this from a structural level, you'll be able to morph into any archetype you want.

And BE any hero you want.

Learn How:


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