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Subliminal Guide?


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Hi George,

Thanks for everything you do! 

I want some guidance or help with subliminal. I some issue I want to solve but where in this form I can write my issues so I can get some help? 

I can write some of them!

- Self help? every time I'm near to heal myself I failed 

- Decision making and discipline?

- Study ( I sleep when I read a book or I get negative emotions when I study) I can't understand when I read or I cant memory them either.   Do you have subliminal for this? 

- I want to define my problem if its spiritual attack or negative belief or bad emotions etc so I can get help. 

- Emotional intelligence (I didn't found one subliminal for the emotional intelligence ... I mean I want to control my emotions and interact with people)

How can I do silent sublimials ? becuase I want to put my music on it for its difficult to listen to 4 voices when Im studying. 

I see results with subliminal on youtube but many times I get pain with 4 hz binaural betas? ..

You have many good subliminal and I want to begin step by step but I need some guidance from where I will beginning?


Thank you very much!

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Start by looking through the titles here:


Don't just read the titles, read the statements for each one.

The subliminals work by changing your beliefs to match the statements.

The new beliefs than drive your behaviors, your behaviors get the results.

Everything STILL takes work, but the work is much easier with the proper supporting beliefs.

AND things still take time, which means you'll need to do some hard thinking and PRIORITIZE.

Just because you WANT everything at once doesn't mean it's possible.

Start slow, increase slowly and build momentum.

Take a look at the books here:


Read the sales pages and figure out which ones you want to start on FIRST.

Subliminals and the exercises in the books go well together.

Think of them like a giant gym with a ton of different exercise equipment.

Figure out what you want to work on, and then work on it.

Read the FAQ here:



Be sure to read it thoroughly and understand it.

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Thank you for your answer! 

Yes this is what I need but maybe I want to work on 

Fast (love) Reading, learning and comprehension skill .. maybe language and memory too?

So I can read them and understand them. This is my first obstacle in university ..

I didnt like books before but now I need to read books because I like it. 

Do you have some products I can buy or try for these issues ?

so it will be more fun to read and understand the different topic.

I dont like read becuase its take so much time and the end I can't remember anything from it.

I feel sleepy when Im reading but I want to read!!




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58 minutes ago, MindWarrior said:

Do you have some products I can buy or try for these issues ?

Like I said, look through the products and do some thinking.

Your issue are complex and common, but the reasons are different for each person.

Do something thinking and make some choices.

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I bought subliminal "pass any exams"

I want to listen to theta when Im not studying. It's ok to listen to the pure session when Im studying? Can I listen with low volume? 

I want to succeed with my exams and when I'm reading the questions I don't understand. 

Its right for me to choose this subliminal or should I take super learning or reading?

Maybe the language is bothering my brain when Im reading? How can I figure out which one is the issue?



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You are Amazing!!!

I bought two subliminal right after "pass any exams"

I bought visualization sub because I can't visualize and belief change. 

I had trauma from exams because my father died two days after my exam and I was busy to not give him my time!!

I remembered everything when I listen to subliminal and I was sad and happy again. 

Its very very powerful tool thank you!!!


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