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Everybody loves to laugh.

Nobody really knows why.

But we can imagine a kind of split test.

Like advertisers and marketers do.

Send two different ads to two different zip codes.

Then see which one works best.

Keep the good one, ditch the old one.

If you keep doing this, you'll eventually have a very highly converting ad.

This works just as well on sales pages.

Human evolution can be thought of as a very long, organically evolving split test.

Every generation has people made from the previous generation.

Of course, there are a few mistakes.

The mistakes that are better, in terms of replication, are kept.

The mistakes that are worse, are not.

So, once upon a time, we can imagine two tribes of people.

One tribe that had a sense of humor.

And another tribe that was always serious.

Since WE all have a since of humor, it's clear the funny people won out over the serious people.

This likely happened way before we became humans.

Since lower primates also have this playful instinct.

Perhaps laughing serves as a kind anxiety relief.

Like a pressure valve.

One thing we humans also tend to do is commiserate.

Next time you're around a group of friends, sit back and listen.

You'll find they inevitably start to complain about something.

A person in particular.

Society in general.

This is an attempt to share a painful burden.

This is easy.

Making light of shared burden is not so easy.

And since most humans tend to take the easy route, we tend to complain rather than use our humor instinct.

Leveraging your humor instinct takes a bit of thinking.

A special kind of "humor intelligence."

But if you do it correctly, you'll be very appreciated.

Anybody can complain.

Few people can spin complaints around into funny stories.

This is why comedians make so much money.

People LOVE listening to them.

And most comedians take random things that happen to random people.

But they make them very interesting, and very funny.

All the way back in history they had court jesters.

Everybody KNOWS the necessity to make fun of the king.

Most people expect to pay a lot of money to listen to a guy tell jokes.

So if you show up and start SPEAKING with a special kind of "humor language" people will think you're some kind of wizard.

And you'll be welcome everywhere, and always in demand.

Learn How:



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