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Secret Party Weapons In Your Brain


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If you're going to sell something to somebody, there are basically two ways.

The thing about sales is it's all about numbers.

No matter what kind of technique you're using, you'll never sell all people.

You won't even sell most people.

The name of the game is to always IMPROVE your percentages.

You can improve how well you qualify.

So you don't even start your "pitch" until you KNOW you have a high probability candidate.

Somebody who WANTS the kind of thing you are selling.

And who wants it NOW.

These types of sales jobs are hard to find.


Because this requires a lot of TRAINING.

And guess what?

Most companies that hire sales people also know it's about numbers.

See, they know that some people are natural sellers, and others aren't.

Which means if they keep hiring people, and teach them the bare minimum, eventually they'll get a few that are pretty good salespeople.

This type of sales is like human automation.

Human automation in hiring.

Human automation in selling.

Technique is not that important to this model.

Numbers is king.

This is the HARD way to sell.

What's the easy way?

Sitting down with or speaking to a warm client.

Finding out ALL their criteria.

Expanding their criteria.

Getting them to think about what they want.

To build up a HUGE ball of desire in their brain.

They more they talk, the BIGGER their desire gets.

The bigger their desire gets, the more likely they are to buy.

This is the absolute EASIEST way to sell something to somebody.

But you can also use this technique socially.

When you're selling, it's obvious to everybody it's a persuasive conversation.

But if you were speaking to somebody socially, there isn't supposed to be ANY reason for the conversation.

Other than just to get to know each other hopefully enjoy each other's company.

The META intention is to find a few people whose company you REALLY enjoy.

This is SUPPOSED to happen naturally and organically.

And it can.

From THEIR perspective.

But from YOUR perspective, you'll have a few secret weapons up your sleeve.

(or in your brain)

And that is a thorough understanding of what ALL people want.

If you guide the conversation here, and use the same strategy you'd use in a sales situation, but much more covertly, it will work just as well.

Except they'll start to see YOU as somebody they want to hang around.

They'll see YOU in a much different category than everybody else.

A much BETTER category.

To them, it will seem like an organic process.

A VERY LUCKY accident that they met you.

But YOU'LL know the truth.

Learn How:


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