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There are plenty of ways to use covert hypnosis.

Most people immediately think of two categories.

Sales and seduction.

Once you learn how to use covert hypnosis effectively, you can make a ton of money in sales.

Naturally, there is a learning curve.

Luckily, this is an ENDLESS learning curve.

Meaning the more you practice, the better you get.

The better you get, the more money you'll make.

If you enjoy talking to people, eliciting their criteria, and then using covert hypnosis to leverage their criteria, this is a pretty good way to make a living.

Same with seduction.

Even if you never "close the deal," being able to speak to people socially and get them fired up is a LOT of fun.

Many people start off learning covert hypnosis for seduction, hoping to get laid.

But then they discover just how FUN it is talking to people.

Using patterns to turn up their energy and excitement.

Even if you NEVER want to see them again.

It's common to see the world through filters.

People that you WANT to have sex with, and people you don't.

People you WANT to sell things to, and people you don't.

People you WANT to become friends with, and people you don't.

Most tend to use these filters subconsciously.

If you see somebody that DOESN'T pass these filters, they kind of get lost in the background.

But it turns out that these are the MOST FUN to play with.

To PRACTICE using patters on.


Because you have nothing to lose, since you don't way to create any kind of relationship.

That means you have EVERYTHING to gain.

Being able to walk up to ANYBODY you see and get them in a good, happy outgoing mood is a very POWERFUL skill to have.

Forget about those goofs in those billion dollar movies running around PRETENDING to be superheroes.

Being the guy or gal who makes EVERYBODY feel better is the REAL super power.

One you can practice every single day.

And like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you get.

The better you get, the more fun you'll have.

Then you'll notice the TRUTH about these linguistic super powers.

That once you see how much FUN you can have with ordinary people, you'll start to see opportunities EVERYWHERE.

Opportunities for love.

Opportunities for business.

Opportunities for friendship.

And ENDLESS opportunities for playful happiness.

Learn How:


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