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The Highest Self Development ROI


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The concept of ROI is insanely important.

ROI, or "return on investment," is a necessary component of successful businesses.

But it's also a necessary component of all living things.

Living things NEED energy.

Living things have to expend energy to get energy.

No living thing exists if it spends MORE energy than the energy it gets.

Maybe there were some ancient monkeys who spent 500 calories getting bananas that only had 400 calories.

But they all went extinct.

Since spending 500 calories to get only 400 back doesn't make much sense.

It's kind of like how most slot machines are programmed.

For every hundred bucks you put in, you get out $95.

It doesn't take ALL your money at once, but it keeps you interested.

Beyond simple ROI, we can also think in terms of MAXIMIZING ROI.

For example, if you spend a dollar and get back fifty, that's pretty good!

A lot of recent graduates today are realizing they've made a huge mistake.

They've borrowed a bunch of money to get an education.

With looking at details, it SEEMS like a good idea.

Borrow some money, get an education, get a job, get a fat paycheck and pay back the money you borrowed to get the education.

But many are finding out that there aren't many high paying jobs they can get with their education.

Their RETURN (on the investment which is also debt) is TOO LOW to pay off that debt.

They've borrowed tens of thousands to get a degree, but the job they get with that degree only pays twenty bucks an hour.

Not such a great return.

Any kind of self development can be looked at through an ROI lens.

What does it cost to learn the skill?

What will having the skill get you?

Will that thing the skill gets you be enough to pay off the original costs?

These are tough questions.

Questions few people like to consider.

But there is a skill that is very cheap to learn.

The main cost is the time.

The skill?

How you use language.

Persuasive language.

Influential language.

Seductive language.

Hypnotic language.

This is also a skill that has NO upper limit.

The more you practice, the better you get.

And all it takes to practice is TIME and EFFORT.

Get Started:


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