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Most people never think about words.

Well, most people never think about much of anything.

We just kind of show up, do what everybody else is doing, and call it good.

But everybody who's ever made a ton of money, or made an impact has done something BEYOND just showing up and following the crowd.

Some of these folks are inventors.

Some of them are artists, or creators.

But you don't have to think in terms of monumental achievements to have some fun.

Because smack dab in the middle of the space between thoughts and words is a HUGE playground.

Most people never think about how they think.

Most people never think about what they say.

But right there, between thoughts and words is a potentially ENDLESS playground.

If you want, you can leverage this potential to make a lot of money.

If you want, you can leverage this potential to have a lot of sex.

Or, really help people get over internal blocks.

Or, if you are the wallflower type, just pay close attention to the way people speak, the words and linguistic structures they use, and see what's REALLY on their mind.

There have been a few characters or archetypes who can read people's emotions.

These characters use this skill to become expert negotiators.

This is VERY possible.

Not just in the movies, but in your life.

YOUR life.

It requires taking some time to learn the atomic bits of linguistic thought processes.

But after you take the time to awaken your understanding of these ideas, you will have huge insight into people's subconscious thinking.

You will be able to understand MORE about their deep desires and fears than they do.

If they are your enemy, you will be able to crush them.

IF you want them on your side, you'll be able to leverage their subconscious desires with incredible effectiveness.

Even if you NEVER want to apply these skills, being able to peer deeply into their subconscious minds WILL feel like a super power.

Of course, you can have a bit of fun as well.

Twisting people's thoughts into pretzels is a fine hobby.

One that will make you the star of any party and social scene you like.

Becoming a master of words is something that has TONS of applications.

And all you need to practice is a pen, some paper and your brain.

Nobody needs to know but you.

Learn How:



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