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Entertaining Flatware Is Confusing


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Ambiguity is fun.

A lot of fun.

However, most people only use ambiguity on one level.

By pointing it out.

This can get you pretty far.

For example, a lot of newspaper headlines and product labels use ambiguity.

For example, the other day I was in a drug store.

I saw a box of plastic flatware.

Knives, forks, spoons.

The description on the box said, "Entertaining Flatware."

The meaning was that this is flatware you use when entertaining.

When having a party.

So the word "entertaining" is meant to be an adjective.

But what if you assume it's a verb?

Like you have a bunch of flatware, and you don't want the flatware to get bored.

So you need to figure out a way to entertain the flatware.

So you stroll down to your local library and find a book on entertaining flatware.

The kind of jokes flatware likes, etc.

Or what if you assume the word "entertaining" is a an adjective, but not the way the product makers intended.

For example, you have some flatware that doesn't just sit there.

They stand up, jump around, maybe do a bit of break dancing, sing a few songs.

That's some pretty entertaining flatware!

You could even set them out on the sidewalk, put a hat in front, and people would toss in money while your flatware was dancing around and singing songs.

This is just from ONE goofy product label.

When you train your brain to see ambiguity, you'll see it EVERYWHERE.

A particularly funny way to use it is to see it in the everyday language of others.

And assume the goofiest thing possible.

Somebody talks about baking a cake and needing to pick up some baking flour.

That phrase, "Pick up some baking flour" has TONS of misunderstandings you can use.

Going down to the local nightclub where all the baking flour hangs out and trying some pick up lines.

The difficulties of taking flour when it's in the process of baking something.

For EXTRA party fun, you can play it as straight as you possibly can.

And keep going off on goofy tangents based on the incorrectly taken meaning.

This simple trick will make you one of the most welcomed party guest in town.

Learn How:



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