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Dale Carnegie came across a lot of golden tips back in the day.

He started his deal during the depression.

When people were struggling.

Kind of like today.

All his ideas in his famous book, "How To Win Friends And Influence People," came from a public speaking club he founded.

It was kind of a lab for interpersonal ideas.

People would go out and try things, and come back, and give a speech.

The speeches were restricted to ONLY two minutes.

So they had to be quick, they had to be engaging, and they had to be packed with information.

One of the golden nuggets was the idea of HOW, specifically, to be interesting TO other people.

This, of course, is a deep human desire.

To meet somebody, make an impression, and get them interested in you.

Either for romance or for business, this skill would obviously come in VERY handy.

The simple takeaway that Carnegie found was to be interesting TO other people, all you really need to do is be interested IN them.

Now, this sounds simple.

But most people have trouble with this simple advice.


Because most people find other people kind of boring.

But here's the thing.

It's EASY to be interested in interesting people.

Being interested in interesting people won't get you very far.

And you'll have tons of competition.

Because if YOU find somebody interesting, so do plenty of other people.

This is why attractive females have it so easy.

Tons of dudes are always hanging around doing whatever she asks.

A real skill is to be interested in the PERSON.

Not the appearance.

This is pretty easy once you take apart the structure of language.

When you learn to ask a few questions and follow up questions.

By looking at the relationship between their thoughts and their words, your interest in them will go far deeper than anybody else's.

Especially when you use covert hypnosis to significantly amplify their existing desire.

EVERYBODY wants something.

So much that this pretty much all anybody talks about.

So if you can turn off your own brain, listen to their desires and use the patterns from covert hypnosis to EXPAND their desires, they'll remember YOU much more than anybody else.

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