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Kundalini Energy Building


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Looking for some tips to help build/repair the sexual energy or psychic energy of the kundalini. Right now, it is currently the highest it has ever been. And my energy is really rapidly expanding it is moving so fast and all over the place. Even as I type these words the vibrations/energy is healing or moving.

Right now, I feel most of the energy in the belly whether it is trapped or stuck not sure. I need some tips on how to awaken the energy body that is within the belly to be more free.

Also, in the works of opening my heart chakra more fully which I purposely closed off intentionally. I literally told myself I never want to be in love or fall in love because love doesn't exist so I turned off my heart chakra. It was also due to bad circumstances in the past. I am looking to open it up again.

This is the most intense/fluid my energy has ever been there is a constant of moving around all over the place and I am trying to figure out what to do next to really get it to where it needs to be. 
I am not sure if this is the transformation vibe or what. But, it definitely is trying to do something and I am not sure what, but it definitely wants to do something interally. 

The energy is near the belly or it might be the genital area. 

What does it feel like?
It feels like a swirl movement, or something eating, or like a rabbit eating spinach, or sexual energy, or penis, etc. 
Not sure what to call it but that's roughly the main idea.

Need some tips on what to do in this phase if possible. 

Please let me know if you got any for me :)


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Run through each chakra, one at a time, focusing the energy you feel on each particular chakra.

Do this standing with eyes closed while breathing in and out slowly.

Seven breaths for each chakra.

Combine each breath with a Qigong movement, a simple one that represents gathering energy from the heavens/earth for the inhale/exhale.

Do this early in the morning, or in the evening, at dusk or dawn.

This will add a psychological aspect.

While breathing and focusing on the charkas, focus on the purpose of each chakra.

Create a symbol for each chakra/purpose.

Energy goes where attention flows.

You have built up energy that needs to be more evenly distributed toward each chakra.

When breathing in and out, imagine the energy flowing into your crown and out each individual chakra, like physically blowing out through a hole to clear it.

Play around with these ideas, find a consistent practice, and keep it daily.

Chakras are NOT "set and forget."

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