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Everybody loves a fantasy.

One of the biggest inflection points of the hero's journey is in the beginning.

Usually, the hero is offered an opportunity to go on a journey.

But they turn it down.

Later, something happens, and they are FORCED to go on the journey.

We normal humans like this very much.


Because we all have a love-hate relationship with our comfort zone.

On one hand, we hate that it's so constraining.

We'd LOVE to be able to step outside of it and get some of the good stuff that we KNOW is out there.

But at the same time, the idea of deliberately going outside of our comfort zone is TERRIFYING.

So much that we hate the idea of doing it alone.

Which is why we LOVE this part of the hero's journey.

When the hero is FORCED to go outside of his or her comfort zone.

When they don't have a choice.

Because we would LOVE something like that to happen to us.

This is essentially how most of us live our lives.

WAITING for something to happen.

Because most of us are terrified of making something happen.

This is true on big, life changing levels.

This is true on tiny, daily, normal social situation levels.

For example, we're at a party with some friends.

We go to parties because we love the idea of meeting new and exciting people.

And having new and exciting experiences.

But we're also kind of too scared to make that happen.

This is where YOU come in.

Because with a little bit of thinking, YOU can be the one to set people free.

YOU can be the one to give them an exciting experience.

It's all based on how you speak to them.

Because smack dab in the middle of every word you speak and hear is MAGIC.

(Here is magic...)

Potential to make every conversation a life changing experience.

A memorable experience.

Needless to say, if you walk the Earth giving out experiences like this, people will remember YOU as the one who set them free.

That same archetype who teaches the young and clueless hero what's what.

You'll find one in every hero's journey story.

And you can BE one everywhere you go.

Learn How:


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