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Treasure Between Thoughts and Words


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Everybody loves a sense of humor.

It's rare that humor doesn't have a place.

But developing a sense of humor can seem difficult.

You could try and memorize a bunch of jokes.

Which could work, but then again it could backfire.

Timing is an important part of humor.

If you tell the wrong joke at the wrong time, you'd be better off having kept your mouth shut.

Being funny in a SPONTANEOUS way is much better.

A very basic and common way would be to simply know a whole bunch of jokes and anecdotes.

So when somebody says something, you can say:

"That's like the guy who..." and away you go.

So long as the joke is relevant, you'd be pretty good.

However, it would also be clear that all these anecdotes would be MEMORIZED.

It would be a kind of prepared spontaneity.

This is how many stand up comedians make it LOOK LIKE they are riffing in the moment.

The art of improvisation is learning to work with WHATEVER you get.

However, being able to accept everything that is coming at you, and responding with MEMORIZED humor still requires you MEMORIZE a ton of jokes.

This is what those world class improv guys do.

They memorize a TON of short routines on a TON of subjects.

So no matter what comes AT them, they can flip  it around into something funny.

From a structural standpoint, this is the same as a salesperson who practices overcoming TONS of objections.

And in TONS of different ways.

If you want to develop your sense of humor, do you need to go to all this work?

No, you do not.

It's much easier to notice the build in "funny" structure of language.

Once you get the hang of this, you can easily riff on ANYTHING anybody says.

Not only for humor, but for mind bending silliness.

This comes from understanding the structure of hypnosis.

Not direct hypnosis, where you walk around swinging a watch.

But COVERT hypnosis.

Where the only person who knows what's going on is you.

Once you learn the structure of covert hypnosis, you'll find TONS of opportunities built into every day language.

This will give you a huge range of riffing potential.

Turning statements into silliness.

Turning certainty into confusion.

Even getting away with saying the CRAZIEST things.

Things that make people laugh out loud, and then suddenly forget.

In between thoughts and words is TREASURE.

Treasure that only you will be able to see.

Learn How:


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