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Making Waffles With Talking Kangaroos


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How can you become more memorable?

There are plenty of ways.

For example, suppose you showed up at a party, stood in the center of the room, stripped off your clothes and started singing "My Way."

That would definitely get your remembered.

But not in a good way.

Another way to be remembered is to always try to out-do everybody.

To be the guy or gal with all the answers.

To be the one who knows everything.

The one who ALWAYS needs to have the last definitive word.

Sure, this would get your remembered.

Only people would remember to not invite you to any parties.

Another way to be remembered would be to be an entertainer.

Plenty of people do this, mostly to enhance their pick up.

Learn a few magic tricks.

Learn something unique like handwriting analysis or Tarot card reading.

This would definitely get you remembered.

But you would be considered an entertainer.

The guy who shows up and gives everybody a free show.

This is better than what most people do.

Stand with their backs up against the wall, or safely around their friends, and only participate in safe and familiar conversations.

But there's another way.

A way that will get people looking forward to seeing you.

Not to be entertained by you, but to interact with you.

See, entertaining people is essentially a passive process.

They don't have to do much to enjoy the magic tricks or whatever.

But if you can learn to engage with people, to put some interesting thoughts into their brain, thoughts that will resonate for a while, they will definitely remember you.

Imagine being able to covertly deliver post-hypnotic suggestions.

So every time they see a blue car, they'll remember you in a positive way.

Or when they see their alarm clock go off the next morning, they'll imagine you and a talking kangaroo making waffles.

This will make them not only remember you, but talk about you.

Actively PROMOTE you.

"You're having a party, dude you HAVE to invite this one guy!"

Language is an extremely powerful tool.

One that very few people appreciate.

One that fewer still take time to understand and improve.

Which means when YOU do, you'll stand out in their minds.

WAY out.

Learn How:


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