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Hypnotic Trifecta: Sex, Money, Pronouns


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Hypnosis and humor have a lot in common.

Both use ambiguity in a very specific way.

The Milton Model, created by and named after Dr. Milton Erickson, carefully uses vague and confusing language.

You can use it to create a structural story, but with a lot of vague elements.

The guy listening to the story will sort of "get" the structure, but he'll have to fill in the vague information with his own content.

The final feeling is a story told TO him by the hypnotist, but it's filled up with a lot of his own content.

So he feels as though he's actually gone through the story himself, even though he's only been listening.

There are also plenty of short term, brain-fading techniques.

Like when I went fishing with my brother and a couple of his buddies last weekend.

He was telling us about when they went to this seminar to learn hypnosis for sales.

And then he was telling them that when you learn hypnosis and use it for both sales and seduction.

You can use it this way to get a lot more money and get a lot more sex.

In that short description (involving two things everybody wants, sex and money) there are TONS of undefined pronouns.

He, they, etc.

Since they are surrounding interesting ideas, namely about learning hypnosis to make money and get more sex, we tend to fill those pronouns in with whatever works best for us.

When using Milton Model hypnosis, there are plenty of ways to leverage these purposely vague language patterns.

When the vagueness is stretched out over time, it creates a very squishy feeling in your brain.

But when the vagueness or ambiguity is quick, it creates a much different feeling.

Why did the boy study on an airplane?

Because he was in high school.

In that particularly lame joke, the word "high" has two meanings at once.

You'll find this in plenty of humor.

One of my favorites comes from Groucho Marx:

Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas.

How he got into my pajamas I'll never know!

This works by creating a meaning that is assumed, and then quickly changing the meaning to something else.

All three of these forms of conversational hypnosis are great fun in social situations.

Turning people's brains into pancake batter, making people giggle at silly things, or even getting them to fixate on fantastic ideas (sex and money) surrounded by tons of vagueness.

These three hypnotic powers will make you a party super star.

Learn How:


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