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Secrets of Stage Hypnosis


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There are two types of hypnosis that aren't really hypnosis.

They are based on setup more than anything.

Without that setup, the "hypnosis" is much less effective.

The first is stage hypnosis.

Consider everything that goes into getting "hypnotized" on stage.

For one, the hypnotist has to have a ton of authority.

Enough to sell tickets.

Then he begins by "hypnotizing" the audience.

And while he's doing this, he looks out to find the BEST subjects.

Then he calls people up to the stage.

And once they are up on the stage, he usually gives them another hypnotic test.

The ones who pass get to stay up on stage.

The ones who don't are kicked off.

So far, what this is a VERY rigorous sorting process.

What is he sorting for?

The people who are the most SUSCEPTIBLE to hypnosis.

Think of a guy who advertised his hypnosis show on Facebook.

The ad was seen by maybe 50,000 people.

Of those 50,000 people, 50 bought a ticket.

Of those, 10 people came up on stage.

Of those ten, 8 stayed up after the hypnosis test.

He hasn't even used any hypnosis yet, but he's already found the 8 people out of 50,000 that are the MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to hypnosis.

And guess what? 

If you have 8 people out of 50,000 who are INSANELY susceptible to hypnosis, you don't need much hypnosis.

You just basically TELL THEM what to do, and they'll do it.

And if you watch any stage hypnotist, this is what they do.

What about YouTube hypnotists?

They do the same thing.

The FILTER out the most susceptible people who are the EASIEST to hypnotize.

They do it a bit differently, but they still do it.

They try their hypno-game on a couple hundred people a day.

But the edit out all the ones that don't work.

It might take them a week, but they'll eventually get 5-10 people who are VERY EASY to put into a trance.

If you try this yourself, you'll find that 1-2% of the population will basically do whatever you tell them.

Stage hypnosis and YouTube hypnosis are a sorting process to FIND these people.

Once you find those people, the actual words don't matter.

But what if you don't want to sort people?

What if you want to actually LEARN hypnotic words?

Words that will work on most everybody?

You can.

Because such a kind of hypnosis exists.

Because it's COVERT hypnosis, nobody but you can know you are using it.

And if you take the time to learn it, it will make you incredibly powerful.

Learn How:


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