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Much of what we think of as hypnosis isn't really hypnosis.

It's a bunch of other stuff.

For example, consider "highway hypnosis."

We've all experienced it.

Your driving home from work.

And you space out as soon as you get on the freeway.

Next thing you know, you're getting off at your exit, and you can't remember what happened.

Is this "hypnosis?" 

It depends on how you define hypnosis.

Scientists tell us that location data is stored in a different part of the brain.

Since long ago, humans became nomads.

So remembering how to get back "home" was critically important.

So our brains evolved the trick to store location data in a much more permanent part of the brain.

Once it's written it, it's very easy to get home on auto pilot.

Perhaps there were an ancient race of pre-humans who didn't have this ability.

They kept getting lost, never made their way back home, and went extinct.

What about direct hypnosis?

The kind where the therapist is telling you that you are getting sleepier and sleepier?

What kind of hypnosis is this?

It's called direct because everybody knows what's going on.

It also REQUIRES the active participation of the client.

If you don't want to be hypnotized via direct hypnosis, you won't.

Once upon a time there was a doctor who used this kind of hypnosis.

Direct hypnosis.

The kind that required his patients to go along with him.

But this doctor didn't much like this kind of hypnosis.

It took too long.

AND it required the cooperation of his patients' conscious minds.

Much, much too slow.

So he INVENTED a new kind of hypnosis.

One that didn't require their participation.

One where they didn't even need to know they were being hypnotized.

This allowed him to change their thinking patterns MUCH more quickly.

MUCH more effectively.

Lucky for us, he wrote a ton of books.

About HOW he used this type of hypnosis.

Which means YOU can learn it.

Now, most people use this type of hypnosis for two specific purposes.

Making money and getting laid.

Sales and seduction.

Sure, you CAN use it for that.

But what if you aren't selling anything?

What if you're not in a hurry to hop in bed with a stranger?

What if you just want to have some fun?

Turns out this type of hypnosis is PERFECT for that.

For creating conversational silliness.

Do this and you'll be a hit at every party.

Learn How:


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