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Chimps, Crows and Humans


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There are a lot of things that separate humans from all the other animals.

We wear clothes.

We use tools.

We can communicate.

We have tons of ideas about what happens to us after we die.

Sure, plenty of other animals have things KIND OF like this.

Chimps have been known to put flowers in their hair.

Other animals use basic tools.

Elephants are known to mourn their dead.

But we humans have a much, much more developed brain for all these ideas.

Take language for example.

Plenty of animals communicate.

And they communicate to persuade.

Certain primates make certain clicks that mean different things.

Crows caw in different frequencies to mean different things.

Three fast caws in a row indicates danger.

And since the PURPOSE of this "message" is to get all their crow friends to behave in a certain way, this can be described as very basic persuasion.

Most human persuasion is the same basic structure.

You know something that others don't.

You tell them that something, and hope they act on your information.

Even sales is like this.

The salesperson goes on and on about why they think you should buy whatever they are selling.

But humans can also persuade in much more elegant ways.

Much more long lasting ways.

Much deeper ways.

The very basic and raw form of persuasion is might makes right.

Some guy with power rolls up and says, "Do this or else."

A slightly more personal approach would be to explain why they think we should do something.

But the most advanced form of persuasion is the most covert.

When the target doesn't know they are being persuaded.

This requires you know a little bit about the target.

That you know what they want, and what they don't want.

And you talk to them in a way so they get to own their decision.

This is what Dale Carnegie taught.

That the easiest way to get somebody to do something is to get them to think it was their idea.

This is the most elegant form of persuasion.

The most human form.

The most respectful way.

How, exactly, do you do this?

If you're in sales, it's pretty easy.

Just by walking into your shop, or calling your business, you already have a pretty good idea of what they want.

But what if you're not selling anything?

What if you're just having a friendly conversation?

And through this friendly conversation you realize that they could REALLY use your advice?

If you flat out give them advice, they likely won't take it.

Nobody likes unasked for advice.

But you CAN give them advice so they'll be able to discover it on their own.

Which means they'll take it without resistance.

They act on it, whatever it is, and never know you were the one who gave it to them.

Needless to say, this will give you an incredible amount of persuasive power.

Learn How:


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