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Twin Flame Pattern


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Okay, from what I noticed twin flame is two souls whose mirror reality are perfectly parallel in such a way that is kinda like the left brain/ right brain.

The masculine feeds the female with energy then the female transform the reality which then the masculine receives one it's done? 

It seems like a battle of two halves fighting over one mind/body system lol. It's kinda hilarious when you think about it because that means there is like two splits fighting control over one body. 

Currently, I've been experimenting with the twin flame thing, but this is WAY BEYOND WHAT I THOUGHT. I had no idea what kind of mess this is.

Especially, in my situation where I need more money, and twin flame is a huge task on its own. You literally feel your other half...

Very risky shit. I don't think it's bad per se, but it will drive you loony. I would recommend you have at least steady income before trying to make this work. Because the twin flame relationship is very INTENSE. WAY MORE INTENSE THAN I EVEN COULD REALIZE.

To put it in perspective your whole brain is a giant of thought patterns and YOUR TWIN collected experiences and the goal is to correct the mistakes of the other half. 

In summary: The Female receives all the energy until it is done. Then she blesses the masculine with the reality he desired. 

Now my question is what happens after it is done? Do you go to Nigeria? Do they hijack your body? Do you die? What happens to your twin flame?

Because part of the reason I got involved in this twin flame thing is because I like MY TWIN FLAME a lot BUT, HOLY SHIT, the amount of stress and drama this takes too work is beyond my thinking capabilities. WE CAN't even think properly. How are you going to FIX ALL THE OLD REALITY PATTERNS OF THE PAST, AND IMPROVE YOUR VIBRATIONS.

What do I think? I think ultimately, you are supposed to merge with your Twin Flame, as it seems un-avoidable. The role of female is to give the man what he wants. 

But my question is what happens to the female? I don't want her to go away...I want to be with her? Do we go into a different body? Do we get possessed? Does our DIVINE SELF come out?

Tip: Take breaks often this is HEAVY WORK. MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. I <u BUT GOD DAM. Listen Twinnie, I will give you whatever you want, but cash in my world and I'll give you what you want.

In addition Twinie, do I lose you once the mission is successful? Where does  your twin flame go after the completion of the union?



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