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Doctors, Hypnotists and Instincts


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If you decided to sell hamburger for a living, you'd open a restaurant.

If you wanted to fix engines, you'd open an auto shop.

If you wanted to clean houses, you'd have a cleaning business.

But if you're a doctor, you'd have a "practice."

Why do they call it a practice?

Because every patient is unique.

Fixing a human is infinitely more complicated than fixing an engine.

Imagine taking your car in to get the engine fixed.

And imagine the mechanic looked at it, scratched his head and said:

"Wow, I've never seen anything like this. I'll need to check with my colleagues and figure out what the problem might be."

Most of us would take it to another shop.

But with doctors, this is expected.

Every single patient is more experience.

More experience that they'll be able to use on the next patient.

This is one of the reasons why Milton Erickson was such a brilliant hypnotist.

He talked to people for years.

And he kept seeing the basic same problems over and over.

From a structural level, this is very much like a salesperson who gets better and better over time.

Coming up with better ways to overcome objections.

Coming up with better ways to highlight the benefits of the products.

You can also do this with people you've never met before.

On one hand, every single person you meet will be unique.

But at the same time, they will have the exact same set of instincts that every other human has.

And when you can move those instincts with your communication, you will have a lot of interpersonal power.

How do you do this?

By telling simple stories.

Not, "Once upon a time..." stories.

But, "That's like this friend I got..." kind of stories.

And with these stories, targeting their instincts, you can move their emotions.

Away from bad places, and towards good places.

This means everybody you talk to will put you in a category all on your own.

Learn How:


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