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Dear Sir, 
I'm not in a position to read much. I'm not a man of that kind. I'm extremely comfortable with the idea of the subliminal program if it really works. I just want to listen to the sound patterns and that may hopefully create miracles in my life. I want that way. I wanted to test the sex magnet and proceed to the rest too. But I wanted a tangible progress accordingly and I'm listening that everyday and night. Then what would be the easiest task to add for a quick result? 
thank you
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If you're only going to be listening and not doing anything else, don't expect much.

All listening sessions require participation.

They are meant to HELP YOU to slowly augment behavioral changes.

This requires listening along with conscious focus on your intention.

This requires daily journaling to watch your behaviors and look for positive benefits.

This requires SLOWLY pushing out your comfort zone from the inside out.

The listening sessions will help you do this, and make it much easier.

But they don't do the work FOR YOU.

They aren't meant to work magic.

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