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There's a very simple yet very powerful technique from covert hypnosis.

The collection of insanely persuasive language patterns created by Milton Erickson.

There are about 50 or so linguistic patterns, and a couple dozen structural techniques.

Any time you see anybody "using" any kind of persuasive technology, it's usually ONE or at most TWO of the fifty or so linguistic patterns.

This pattern is one of the structural element.

It's also pretty famous, but it's nearly always misused.

This is the famous "quotes pattern."

Here is how it's usually taught, which is useful only if you want to get a laugh.

Suppose there's a cute barista you see once a week or so.

She always smiles at you, so you want to say something to push the envelop.

Enter the quotes pattern.

Right when you're about to place your order, you pretend your phone rings.

You pick it up, listen, smile, and then hang up.

"Sorry," you say.

"That was my roommate. She's really weird. She just called to say I really want to have sex with you, and then she hung up. This means she probably broke the remote again, sorry," and then go out with your order.

When you say the, "I want to have sex with you," you say it DIRECTLY to the cute barista and you really mean it.

In this example, it only allows you to say something to somebody that you REALLY want to say, good or bad, but would otherwise be too shy or scared.

Like I said, this might get a laugh, but it WON'T make the barista want to jump into the sack with you.

But the quotes pattern is VERY flexible.

Once you get the hang of it, you can use it in many, many different ways.

So long as it's clear you are quoting another source, you can say pretty much anything in any context.

But it's even better when you put it in the middle of a bunch of random stories.

That way you can STACK quotes.

You can use it to deliver commands.

Or you can use it to convey information.

Like the other day, when I was walking through this health expo.

And there was this crazy guy selling blenders.

He kept going on and on about the benefits of peanut butter.

He kept saying that everybody should eat peanut butter.

You should eat peanut butter for breakfast.

You should eat peanut butter for lunch.

You should eat peanut butter for dinner.

He seemed to sell a lot of blenders, too.

There was this other guy there, selling books.

Books about magic.

But he didn't have a pitch.

He was surrounded by gorgeous super models.

Whenever people would walk by, he would look at them with a crazy look in his eyes, and just start screaming:

Buy this book!

Buy this book!

Buy this book!

If you buy this book, you'll get tons of super models!


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