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Secretly Get People To Obey You


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It's hard to withhold giving advice.

For example, somebody you know is having some problem.

Since they are trapped INSIDE the problem, they don't have such an objective view.

Since you can see the problem from the OUTSIDE, the solution is clear.

But for some reason, whenever we give people advice, they don't take it.

When people give US advice, we don't take it.

Why is this?

There are a couple of reasons.

One is that advice sounds and feels like people are telling us that they know more about us than the situation.

And since we are the ones trapped inside the situation, this doesn't make us feel very good.

Another reason is the more we think about any problem we are having, the more we tend to externalize the problem.

If we are having a problem with our boss, it's because of him, so the solution must come from him.

If we have an issue with any person, we'll tend to externalize it to them.

The more we do this, the more we can only accept a solution coming from them.

So when somebody comes up and says, "Hey, why don't you try this," it's very much like the OPPOSITE of our solution.

Our solution is for THEM to change.

The unasked advice sounds like WE should change.

And we don't like that.

Nobody does.

This can be very maddening if YOU are the advice giver.

Especially if YOU had the very same problem.

And you solved it the same way as the advice you are giving.

Fortunately, there's a very powerful way to COVERTLY give people advice.

So they'll take it.

This works by delivering so covertly they'll later remember it was THEIR idea.

Why would you want to do this?

It gives you a much more powerful, much more effective and much more RELAXED way to essentially tell others what to do.

So long as you LET THEM take the credit for the idea, you can get people to do whatever you want.

How do you do this?

By telling a couple of stories.

First tell a story that paces the problem.

Then tell a story that paces a POSSIBLE solution.

What kind of stories?

The easy kind. 

The natural and common kind.

About a friend of a friend.

And something that happened to them.

That way, you'll sound like any other goof telling seemingly UNRELATED stories about something happened.

All the while covertly planing ideas in their brains.

Ideas they'll accept.

Ideas they'll obey.

Needless to say, this gives you an INCREDIBLE amount of power.

Learn How:


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