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How To Embed Post Hypnotic Suggestions


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There are a lot of goofy ideas about hypnosis that come from the movies.

The stereotypical movie hypnotist is a guy who just snaps his fingers and puts people into a trance.

Then he delivers a few post-hypnotic suggestions and then snaps his fingers again.

The poor guy comes out of trance, and does goofy things.

One typical trope that shows up occasionally is when the hypnotist dies.

He'll put some guy in a trance as part of a stage show.

And then give him a post hypnotic suggestion to only cluck like a chicken.

Then the guy will be clucking like a chicken.

Everybody in the audience is laughing, etc.

But then the hypnotist dies.

The joke being that without the hypnotist to UNDO the trance, the poor guy will be clucking like a chicken the rest of his life.

In reality, hypnosis is much more complicated.

And while it IS possible to embed post hypnotic suggestions, they're not quite like they make it in the movies.

How, exactly, do you do it?

One way is with the cooperation of the subject.

For example, suppose a guy wants to quit smoking.

And the hypnotist gives him the suggestion to think about breathing clean, mountain air every time he gets a cigarette craving.

In this situation, putting in the post-hypnotic suggestion is an attempt to AUGMENT a concurrently existing CONSCIOUS desire.

The post hypnotic suggest will help the guy REMEMEMBER, but he still has to do the work on his own.

To FORCE his brain to take time to imagine the clean mountain air.

Hypnosis is not nearly as AUTOMATIC as we'd like to think.

Especially when it comes to making people do things they WOULDN'T otherwise do.

Like cluck like a chicken up on stage in front of a bunch of strangers.

But you CAN use hypnosis to slowly move people AWAY from things they fear, and TOWARD things they want.

Especially if something is keeping them stuck.

This is the main reason why we LOVE telling each other stories.

Ever since the dawn of time, people have been telling each other stories.

These stories are not random.

Nor are they purely for entertainment.

One of the MAIN reasons for most ancient stories is expressly to put in these post-hypnotic suggestions.

This is the classic hero's journey story.

What is the post hypnotic suggestion embedded within the hero's journey?

When you see the super villain, you will feel courage, and you will be MOTIVATED to kill him.

This type of story is PERFECT for ancient humans who had to survive in a very scary world.

And who had to often face large, scary animals.

Having a HUGE COLLECTION of hero's journey stories in their brains gave them the confidence.

You can do the same thing.

Create the ideal stories, with the ideal post hypnotic suggestions built in.

Then you can get people to do whatever you want.

Learn How:


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