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Create Objection Short Circuits


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Linguistic reframes are a powerful tool.

These are when you take a meaning assumed by somebody, and flip it around until it means something else.

Whenever two people are having a conversation, one person will set the frame.

The other person will accept the frame.

Consider the idea that even among old friends, there is always a very subtle frame contest going on.

The word "contest" is too strong.

It implies some kind of overt competition.

But this is rarely the case.

Imagine an old couple.

Who has been married for decades.

They've evolved a kind of understanding.

For when who leads and who follows.

This will change based on the context.

With close friends it's the same.

In some situations, one person leads and the other follows.

When the situation changes, the frame hierarchy will change.

This is one reason why we become friends with the people we become friends with.

It's easy to follow and easy to lead.

But when two people are having a conversation and they don't know each other, this "frame contest" will seem less subtle.

Sometimes very overt.

Especially in something like sales.

But the rule is the same.

Whoever controls the frame, controls the outcome.

The customer wants the cheapest price possible.

The salesperson wants the highest price possible.

The context is buying or selling, depending on the viewpoint.

The frame is exactly HOW this context will play out.

This is when skills like reframing come in handy.

A very common objection is the price objection.

"Gee, I really love this but it's just too expensive."

Another common objection, which is a bit more vague is the need to shop around.

"Gee, I really like this, but I'd still kind of like to shop around a bit."

The problem with reframing STATED objections is they usually aren't the entire story.

There is usually something going on beneath the surface.

Ultimately, it comes down to value.

If the customer REALLY BELIEVED that the product was WELL WORTH the price, they wouldn't need to shop around.

This is why it is very helpful to collect objections.

Even if you aren't selling anything.

To have any idea of the POTENTIAL issues that may come up.

And then pre-frame them.

How do you pre-frame them?

With stories.

Stories about other customers, or other people who match your target.

Stories with characters that had those same objections, but found out a way to overcome them.

This why, BEFORE the objection even comes up (whatever you want from your target) you'll pace it and overcome it.

In a way this will create a kind of "objection short circuit" in their brain.

So of the objection DOES start to come up, it will vaporize on its own.

And they'll never know.

Learn How:


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