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Obliterate Your Social Comfort Zone


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Everybody has a unique balance with respect to social comfort.

Everybody has a point beyond which they'll start to feel social anxiety.

Everybody has a point up to which they'll be more outgoing.

When we are around friends, this balance is in one place.

When we are around strangers, this balance is somewhere else.

Regardless of who we are around, we tend to find our own equilibrium.

Too much outgoing behavior will get us TOO MUCH attention, and cause us to pull back.

Not enough will motivate us to speak up, and push out a bit.

Both of these involve the idea of social attention.

When we WANT more social attention, we push our social energy OUT.

When we are getting TOO MUCH social attention, we pull our social energy BACK.

But there is a way to push out as much as you want and NOT get any social attention.

Most of the time, when we talk, people look at us.

And the stuff we talk about is about us somehow.

Something that happened to us.

Something we have a strong opinion.

So naturally, when we talk about these things, people focus on us.

But you can speak about things that are metaphorically off to the side.

The longer we speak, the more they'll be focused NOT on us, but on the stories we are telling.

Once you realize how easy this is, you can start to put some very, very persuasive ideas within the stories.

So persuasive you can get people to do anything you want.

And since they are paying attention to the stories, and not you, they won't remember you nearly as much as the stories.

This is normal.

This is why actors have much more name recognition that screenwriters.

This is why characters in movies have much more name recognition than directors.

Listening to stories is a very pleasant, and very instinctive process.

So once you start speaking in "story language," you can metaphorically step aside.

They'll be paying attention to the stories, and not you.

This will let you get as crazy as you want.

Learn How:


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