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Most sales involves memorizing a pitch of some sort.

The stereotypical sales person is the guy or gal who can deliver that pitch with maximum charisma.

Even a BETTER salesperson can sort of "read" the customer and deliver a pitch.

This is based on the idea that the salesperson knows WHY people SHOULD buy the item or service in question.

It's fundamentally based on the salesperson doing the talking, and the customer doing the listening.

This is why VERY charismatic people are the BEST salespeople.

The have a certain "halo effect."

What is a halo effect?

It's when the generally attractive subconscious energy of the person talking is ATTACHED to the thing they are talking about.

This mostly happens with VERY attractive women.

For example, imagine two real estate people.

One is a SUPER GORGEOUS woman.

The other is a plain looking, middle aged dude.

Both have the SAME pitch.

The EXACT same words come out of each of their mouths.

But when the middle aged dude speaks, it's flat and monotonous.

Like he wishes he were somewhere else.

The gorgeous woman, on the other hand is EXTREMELY charismatic.

She's bubbly, happy, touch-feely, and gives off the impression that she wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE else on earth.

Clearly, the woman would sell more than the man.

Even though they are using the SAME words.

But BOTH cases still involve taking the ideas out of the head of the salesperson, and putting them in the head of the customer.

In both cases, the customer is a passive listener to the salesperson's pitch.

So long as the salespeople GUESS about what's important to the customer, they can do pretty well.

When it comes to GUESSING what the customer wants, it's not so easy.

Two people buying the same car might have completely different reasons.

But the deeper you go, the better you can "guess."

If you go deep enough, you don't need to guess.

Because if you go deep enough, we ALL want the same things.

These same things are based on our deep instincts.

When you speak to these deep instincts, it is VERY EASY to move people.

This is why we love movies and fiction so much.

These things MOVE US on a deep, instinctive level.

If you speak to people on such a level, you can move people conversationally.

AS MUCH as their favorite movie.

Leaving them speechless, profoundly moved, and willing to do ANYTHING to keep that feeling.

What might YOU use this for?

Learn How:



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