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Nested Metaphors and Fiction Instruction


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Our language is absolutely filled with metaphors.

When people think of metaphors, we usually think of poetry, or literature, or fairy tale type storytelling.

But it's hard to speak more than a few words before tossing out a few metaphors.

Just take a look that last sentence.

"Words" is a metaphor.

It is a collection of sounds or squiggly lines that mean absolutely NOTHING to the untrained eye.

And they represent and "idea" in mind, another metaphor.

If we wanted to be super specific, each "idea" would have to be described according to the EXACT neural configuration.

Something that's not even scientifically possible.

So every WORD we use is a metaphor unto itself.

An extremely OVER SIMPLIFIED description of something much more complex.

So when we put a bunch of these words together, to describe a much more complex metaphor, it's metaphor made up of smaller metaphors.

And how, exactly, do we "get" these metaphors "out there"?

According to that original sentence, we "toss them out."

In reality, we move our mouths and throats and make a bunch of sounds.

Nobody is actually "tossing" anything.

But HOW we describe the "way" we "toss" these things out is instructive.

A lot of times, we actually SAY, we are going to "put this out there."

We PREFACE a collection of metaphors by saying:

"I'm just gonna put this out here..."

In reality, this is a BAD idea.


One, it breaks the rule of Carnegie.

That you can get anybody to do anything so long as they think it was THEIR idea.

As soon as you SAY, "I'm just going to put this out there..." it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT associate that thing you "put out there" with YOU.

So if you are including any ADVICE in that "thing" you are "putting out there," BEFORE you even mention the advice, you essentially OBLITERATE any chances it will be taken.


Because the OPPOSITE of Carnegie's rule is that NOBODY likes unasked for advice.

What's the solution?


It comes from fiction.

Fiction, of course, being a very, very, very LONG string of metaphors.

What does fiction teach us?

SHOW, don't tell.

When you SAY, "I'm just gonna put this out here..." you are TELLING.

How do you SHOW instead?

Don't preface that THING you are putting out there by saying you are putting it out there.

Just put it out there.


Just say it.

And LEAVE it for the other person to discover ON THEIR OWN.

If you build these metaphors correctly, and put them out there correctly, your targets will do WHATEVER you want.

Without EVER knowing how you snuck those ideas into their brains.

Learn How:


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