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Every culture has a rich history of storytelling.

Norse culture had a particularly interesting technique.

The would tell stories that had basic elements built in.

Then the storytellers would only have to remember those basic plot points.

They connected them mentally to certain parts of a warrior's armor.

Just like the modern memory technique of the memory palace.

Where you connect items you want to remember to rooms in a house.

The way the tellers of the Norse Sagas used this technique was similar.

They would connect the very basic plot points to a warriors armor.

That way, they could go off on wild tangents.

Based on the crowd, how they were reacting.

The location, local culture, etc.

Then they would eventually make their way back to the next point on the armor, which they associated with the next plot point in the story.

Back in those days, if you were a professional storyteller, you had to develop a pretty good memory.

Especially the Vikings, who didn't write much down.

One might say we have a huge brain, a huge imagination and a potentially a huge memory to support our natural storytelling skills.

That storytelling, and story listening is a very important human instinct.

This means if you want to become a great storyteller, you already have the instinctive programming built into your brain.

Why would you want to become a great storyteller?

With a story, a collection of metaphors, or even a simple anecdote, you can get a point across MUCH more powerfully.

You can deliver advice much more covertly and persuasively.

You can be a much more entertaining and appreciated party guest.

You don't need to get up on stage.

Or even be known as a great storyteller.

All you need to do is understand the structure of human fear and desire.

After all, every story every told PACES human fear, and moves the listener toward better outcomes.

You probably already have plenty of raw story materials in your brain.

All you need is a little practice, and you can start developing your story instinct.

What can you use this for?

Sales, seduction, inspiration, motivation, healing, or plain old entertainment.

Learn How:


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