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One of Dale Carnegie's most useful pieces of advice is how to best persuade people.

That you can get anybody to do anything so long as they think it was their idea.

This is the fundamental idea behind covert hypnosis.

The type of conversational hypnosis invented by Dr. Milton Erickson.

He would tell a bunch of stories with specifically vague parts.

His patients would follow along, and they would have to fill in the vague parts with their own experience.

So at the end of a few confusing stories, even though Erickson would be the guy talking, it would FEEL like the patient's ideas.

This was Erickson's genius.

He would be talking the whole time, but the patient would feel like they solved their problem on their own.

Usually subconsciously.

The LAST thing Erickson wanted to do was to make it feel like he was giving advice.

Advice is the OPPOSITE of Carnegies golden rule.

Advice is BLATANT about not being their idea.

But Erickson had a huge advantage.

People came to him for the specific purpose of solving problems.

This is very similar to sales.

People specifically talk to sales people to maybe buy something.

From a structural perspective, this is very close.

Which is why you can use the Milton Model VERY EFFECTIVELY to sell things to people.

But it's also why using the Milton Model has limitations socially.

Patients EXPECT therapists to solve problems.

Customers EXPECT salespeople to sell products.

How can you do this socially?

Turns out pretty easily.

First you need to understand the very basics of human nature.

Our deep instinctive desires and fears.

Then you can just pay attention to HOW people talk.

What they talk about.

This will allow you to read their subconscious energy.

THEN you can quickly spin a few stories.

Some metaphors.

About a friend, or a friend of a friend.

Or something you saw on TV.

From THEIR perspective, you'll just be telling a few stories.

Literally putting them "out there."

They'll look into the stories and get some ideas.

Ideas that will feel like theirs.

Ideas which will seem FANTASTIC.

They won't have any idea what REALLY happened.

That you hid the ideas within those stories.

That you kind of put off to the side.

This will give you an ENORMOUS amount of social influence.

A huge amount of persuasive power.

People will do whatever you want.

And NOBODY will know, but you.

Learn How:


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