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Very often there is huge difference between long term and short term strategies.

If you want something in the short term, this will often make it MUCH more difficult to get those same things in the long term.

And if you try to get those same things in the LONG TERM, it will make it much more difficult to get satisfaction in the short term.

One obvious area is food, eating and exercise.

Sitting on the couch and eating burgers FEELS GOOD in the short term.

But it adds up to lots of PAIN in the long term.

The older you get, the more your joints will hurt.

The more clogged you arteries will get.

And ultimately, the sooner you'll die.

Jogging and eating healthy every day doesn't feel good in the short term.

But it adds up to a much LONGER and healthier and happier life.

You will have much less body pain as you get older.

You won't have pains shooting up and down your joints when you get out of bed.

You'll even keep your brain intact for much longer.

As they say, short term gain leads to long term pain.

And short term pain leads to long term gain.

This is also true in dating and attraction.

For example, many guys have mastered the art of short term success with the ladies.

Any time you use ARTIFICIAL strategies, or "game," you are using a collection of INORGANIC personality traits.

This is why a guy CAN have ton of short term success, but not much long term success.

Since that short term success is based on an inauthentic representation of YOU, it's hard to keep up.

Pretty soon the REAL YOU will show up.

And that REAL YOU will be different than the guy she was attracted to.

Consider an alternative.

Of being the REAL YOU all the time.

This sounds like VERY CORNY advice!

Just be yourself!

The trick is to ALWAYS be improving your REAL SELF.

So your REAL SELF will always have better and better results.

How do you do this?

By improving your goals.

By improving your communication skills.

By improving your financial skills.

Here's where it gets REALLY interesting.

The quality of woman you can attract by being the REAL YOU is a very useful PROXY for how SUCCESSFUL of a life the REAL YOU can achieve.

Which means if you continue to build up the REAL YOU to have a much better life, you'll AUTOMATICALLY be more attractive to higher quality women.

This means you'll need to ditch short term, magical "game" type thinking.

And focus on REAL, long term success.

Learn How:


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