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Stop Looking For Weird Tricks


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It's a common idea to wish for magic seduction tricks.

Even in other things like weight loss, it seems we humans are absolute suckers for the "one weird trick" scam

Like if we find that one weird trick to lose weight, our problems are over.

Or if we find that one secret hack into the female mind, we'll understand how easy it is to make ANY girl fall head over heels in lust with us.

Unfortunately, these are all cons.

Based on the same idea of the ancient snake oil salesman.

The guy who would roll into town, and sell the "one weird potion" that would fix everything.

Of course, he NEVER sold stuff out of an actual store.

He HAD to sell it off the back of a wagon.

So he could go from town to town.

The idea being he'd be gone when people were wise to the scam.

PT Barnum famously said there is a sucker born every minute.

And suckers are suckers because we are willing to believe something that is too good to be true.

Like shortcuts to making money, or shortcuts to losing weight, or shortcuts to romantic success.

The truth is that anything WORTH getting will have a couple of clear identifying signals.

One is it will be something FEW people have.

If EVERYBODY had it, whether it be a thing a skill or a characteristic, it wouldn't be special.

Two is it takes time and effort.

And since most people are SCARED and LAZY, most people would rather spend their entire lives searching for one weird trick.

In a way, this is good news.

Because if you actually put in the work, you'll slowly differentiate yourself from every other lazy goof out there.

And when it comes to developing GENUINE attraction from attractive women, the more work you put in, the more attraction you'll generate.

So long as you start SLOWLY, and continue SLOWLY, it will very soon become a daily habit.

And daily habits are easy.

So long as they are daily habits that are BUILDING valuable skills.

And it turns out the SAME SKILLS that attract high quality women are the skills that build a high quality life.

And these skills have NO upper limit.

Which means the more consistently you build them, the BETTER and STRONGER your skills will become.

No weird tricks needed.

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