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Despite modern popular propaganda, there are tons of differences between men and women.

And a very easy way to imagine these differences is the ONE THING that led to human flexibility and creativity.

Every other animal except for humans doesn't have a sexual division of labor when it comes to getting food.

Choose any animal, and when they are hungry, males and females both go after the same type of food.

But humans split along gender lines.

LONG before we were humans.

Men hunted, and women gathered.

We either become omnivores BECAUSE of this, or we split along gender lines BECAUSE we were omnivores.

Men got protein and fat.

Women got roots and other stuff from the ground.

This lasted for a few million years, and accounts for MOST behavioral and psychological differences between men and women.

For example, women are capable of carrying on about a million different conversations at once.

This is because while they were digging for roots and grubs, they were watching the kids AND gossiping like crazy.

Not only can they carry on tons of conversational threads at once, BUT they seem to have eyes all over their heads.

When you were a kid, and you thought you mom couldn't see you, now you know why she could.

It is an evolutionary advantage.

Men, on the other hand, are the complete opposite.

They can carry on ONE conversational thread at most.

And even then it's mostly grunts and nods.

And male vision is very long range and narrow.

This is what you'd expect from spending all day hunting.

Not talking much, always scanning the horizon for something to kill.

This gives us an insight into the type of MEN women are hard wired to be ATTRACTED to.

NOT the kind who can carry on a girly type conversation.

NOT the kind who is prone to gossip.

The kind of guy women are hard wired to be attracted to is the guy who is ALWAYS looking for something to kill.

And when he DOES kill it, he drags it back to camp.

The guy who kills the biggest animal gets the biggest rock star treatment.

This is why women love a guy with REAL social status.

The social status that comes from being a KILLER.

He goes out, he kills, he comes home and chills with his people.

This is why if you text too often it will kill attraction.

This is why if you're too needy, it will kill attraction.

This is why if you're too worried whether she likes you, it will kill attraction.

She wants you to get out and kill something.

And then bring it back.

Translate these instincts into modern times, and you've got it made.

Learn How:


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