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Humans are curious creatures.

If you saw some guy up on stage jamming with his guitar, you'd assume he'd spent a lot of time practicing.

If you saw some ripped guy or gal walking down the street, you'd assume they spent a lot of time in the gym.

And a lot of time eating healthy food.

If you met somebody that spoke several languages, you'd assume they spent a lot of time practicing.

But sometimes we see people with skills, and we just assume they were born with those skills.

It's even more complicated when we understand that some people have certain advantages.

For example, if somebody grows up in a family that speaks many languages, and the live in a country that speaks many languages, and they go to a school that speaks many languages, their multi-language skill was more or less passively learned.

But that's not the ONLY way to learn many languages.

Anybody can learn many languages.

IF they are willing to put in the time and effort.

And if they are willing to pay the opportunity costs.

What are opportunity costs?

The things you GIVE UP in order to learn the skill.

Opportunity costs come with everything.

Learning skills, getting in shape, losing weight.

EVERYBODY would LOVE a magic pill that gives them an instant skill.

Everybody would LOVE to play and instrument, but few are willing to put in the time.

Everybody would LOVE to have a toned body, but few are willing to put in the time.

Some skills can SEEM even harder.

Like communication and persuasion skills.

These seem to be LOCKED behind a wall of social anxiety.

Sure, practicing the piano is BORING.

But it doesn't cause any anxiety.

But things like persuasion are paradoxically HARDER than playing the piano.

Why paradoxically?

Because while the skills themselves are fairly easy, they are ASSOCIATED with tons of anxiety.

The added anxiety makes them seem TERRIFYING to learn.

But take away the anxiety, and learning things like persuasion is EASY.

Even EASIER is something like seduction.

Of talking to people and getting them INTERESTED in you.

Removing the anxiety makes learning skills like this VERY ENJOYABLE.

So much that the opportunity costs essentially drop to zero.

This requires that you go SLOWER than you want to.

To build up momentum.

To get to the point where you WANT to move forward, but you must consciously slow yourself down.

When you get to this point, learning how to SEDUCE PEOPLE because very, very enjoyable.

Learn How:


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