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Two Secrets To Unstoppable Attraction


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Long, long ago, we humans didn't need to think very much.

We were DRIVEN by our instincts.

Those with the strongest instincts survived.

Since food was hard to get, those who were always the HUNGRIEST were the most successful.

Sexual desire is another powerful instinct.

Humans are primates.

And different primates have different strategies on how to deal with sex.

Human females don't make it obvious when they are ovulating.

Other primates, like chimps, do.

Plenty of studies have shown that when a woman is ovulating, she finds a different type attractive than when she is not.

Whether she acts on this attraction is a completely different story.

Kind of like eating.

If you are on a diet, and it's important to you, you'll feel ATTRACTED to certain foods, but not eat them.

Just like men and women can feel ATTRACTION to certain people and not act on it.

It wasn't always like this.

Our instincts were created to DRIVE our behavior.

So when ancient cave ladies were ovulating, they were naturally attracted to the MOST ALPHA looking and acting guy around.

This makes sense in an ancient setting.

When it was VERY important for her to have kids with a guy who would have the HIGHEST probability of providing for her and her kids.

But just like hunger can be managed, so can attraction.

If we ONLY ate what looked good, we'd all super fat.

If we ONLY blindly obeyed our sexual desires, we'd be a mess.

However, there is one thing that usually doesn't get much attention.

And the attention it DOES get is the wrong kind.

What I'm referring to is MALE sexual desire.

When dudes get horny, they get desperate.

And since most dudes are very UNDERSEXED, most dudes are VERY DESPERATE.

Women know this.

All too well.

Just look at any girl that's got tons of orbiters.

She KNOWS she can manipulate them.

The trick is to NOT be one of those guys.

Desperate for female attention and affection.

How do you do this?

There are TWO very powerful ways.

One is to make a habit of making small talk with anybody you can.

Men, women, old people, young people.

Once you develop the habit of talking to anybody, anywhere, anytime about anything, you'll radiate a different kind of energy.

The second is to get a handle on your sexual energy.

If you wanted to stay healthy, you'd have to feel hungry and not eat.

No way around that.

To radiate non-needy energy, you'd do the same with your sexual energy.

Feel it, but learn to live with it.

WITHOUT expressing it.

Napoleon Hill talked about this.

Many ultra successful people know this.

The BEST part is if you combine this with some very basic social skills, you will send out a very rare energy to women.

It will make you seem unattainable, and therefore VERY attractive.

Learn How:


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