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Don't Be Like Bathroom Tile


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A common technique in self development is to fake it till you make it.

This works great in some situations, but not so great in others.

The shorter the bridge between faking it and making it, the easier it is.

For example, if you don't feel confident, you CAN fake it enough until you really DO feel confident.

Start to walk confidently.

Shoulders back, face forward.

Confident expression on your face.

This "fake" exterior will be believable by others.

They will respond to your "fake" confidence.

Their response will slowly make you feel REAL confidence.

This REAL confidence will then subconsciously drive your expressions and behavior.

First you faked it.

Then you made it.

Other times, this isn't so difficult.

The more and complex your interactions are with others, the harder it is.

The greater the distance between what you are faking and what you are feeling, the harder it is.

If you are looking for a long term relationship with a high quality woman, this can end in DISASTER.


It's possible to fake enough confidence to have a decent conversation.

Even a few dates.

Even enough for SEX.

But something happens to a lot of guys once they have sex.

This is an instinctive thing.

And instincts are VERY HARD to ignore.

Once a guy has sex with a girl, it makes him FEEL completely differently about her.

At least it CAN.

This means it's a billion times more difficult to keep up with the fake confidence.

The REAL you shows up.

This often comes across when guys express their TRUE feelings.

Said too soon, this will scare a girl away.

This is behind the FEMALE JOKE about guys being like bathroom tile.

Lay them once and you can walk all over them forever.

This is because once a guy has SEX with a girl, his ancient instincts are telling him to hang on for dear life.

Since our ancient instincts think we only have ONE chance to have sex.

This is something that it's VERY DIFFICULT to "fake until you make."

Unless you are a stone cold sociopath player.

How can you get around this?


Get to know plenty of girls at once.

Always have a backup plan.

Talk to any girl you can.

Whether you are attracted to her or not.

Play the VERY LONG game.

SLOWLY build up your deep relationships skills so you don't have to FAKE anything.

This takes a LOT of time.

But it will save a LOT of heartache.

And in the long run, it will make you INSANELY attractive.

Giving a much higher quality of women to choose from.

And she'll feel those feelings WAY before you do.

Learn How:


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