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How To Answer The Inevitable Question


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One of the toughest questions to get is about your job.

This could be in a regular friendly conversation.

Or it could be a cute girl you've been talking to.

Everything's going GREAT. 


So, uh what do you do?

If you happened to HAVE a fantastic job, that's fine.

But most people don't.

So, what DO you say?

The TRUTH is always a good place to start.

But HOW you express the truth is EXTREMELY flexible.

Saying you work at Taco Bell COULD be "a" truth.

But another truth could be your PLANS for the future.

But how you express those plans will make all the difference.

If you express your plans the RIGHT way, they'll sound VERY REAL.

Even if you DO work at Taco Bell, so long as you not only HAVE a realistic plan, you'll be fine.

So long as you talk about so it indicates you are IN THE PROCESS of making it happen.

How do you do this, exactly?

It starts by figuring out what you REALLY want to do.

Five years out or so.

Not some kind of vague wish.

That won't do it.

"Yeah, now I work at Taco Bell but I'd really like to get into medicine some day!"

That sounds very much like everybody else's plan.

To sit around and WAIT for the magic career fairy to show up.

Instead, start to really MAKE plans.

For example, if you really DID want to get into medicine, take some time to think about that.

What specific job would you have?

What kind of training would that require?

What would you have to do to qualify for that training?

What kinds of things would you need to do to get STARTED moving closer to that?

How we speak represents how we think.

And women it comes to female attraction, females are HARD WIRED to be attracted to MEN who are MAKING things happen.

They are NOT attracted (beyond looks) to guys who sit around and WAIT for things to happen.

Imagine a bunch of cave people 25,000 years ago.

The ladies who were naturally attracted to goofs who sat around waiting for animals to walk up and surrender didn't last long.

The ladies who were attracted to natural killers DID.

And that is what gets their instinctive juices flowing.

Guys who are IN THE PROCESS of making their lives.

So no matter WHAT you do NOW, so long as you HAVE a real plan, and you express it as a real plan, it will do the trick.

This takes time.

It takes while to build this thinking and communication into your brain.

So when a random person asks what you do, it will come out naturally.

And when it does, you'll set yourself apart from EVERYBODY.

Learn How:



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