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Do You Need Money To Get Girls?


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A very common, and very dangerous idea is that you need money to get girls.

It's common because like most beliefs, it's easy to find proof.

This is a function of confirmation bias.

On the other hand, if you purposely tried to find evidence of guys with NO money who could easily get girls, you'd find it.

One of the reasons this idea, that you need money to get girls, is dangerous is it can serve as a very HANDY excuse to stay on the sidelines.

There you are, looking out across the room.

You see TONS of sexy girls.

But then that belief pops into your head.

That you need money to get girls.

And since you don't have any money, you stay on the sidelines.

This is the PERFECT cover for the real reason.

Which is that talking to girls causes a ton of anxiety in most NORMAL people.

But most normal people also don't like to admit they are scared of doing SEEMINGLY normal things.

Like talking to cute girls.

Luckily, we can kill both false beliefs at once.

First is to understand that money is only a EXTERNAL SIGNAL of something deeper.

Or it least it CAN be.

That something deeper is what women are REALLY attracted to.

And that is raw ambition.

The desire to BECOME something better than you are.

Now, for most of history, when you combine this raw ambition with half a brain, you get a guy who gets out there and gets stuff done.

This USUALLY involves making money somehow.

That money, and all the signs of money, are really EXTERNAL pieces of evidence of a deeper characteristic.

It's also why girls get together with guys who HAVE money, but get bored.

Because in today's corrupt clown show economy, it's easy to make money WITHOUT having a sense of "old school" ambition.

That's actually GOOD NEWS.

Because you can cultivate that old school ambition.

This requires you have a PLAN for your life.


Not a bunch of things you wish or hope will happen.

Having a REAL PLAN based on REAL AMBITION will trigger those ancient desire instincts.

But you have to be willing to EXPRESS that ambition.

This is EASY.

But it requires you understand part two of this strategy.

That you don't talk to girls ONLY to get their number.

And you don't ONLY talk to cute girls.

NOR do you ONLY talk to girls.

You talk to EVERYBODY.

Practice chit chat.

Eventually somebody will ask what you do.

And no matter WHAT your job is, even if you don't have a job, when you express your ambition correctly, they will remember you.


Because so few people HAVE ambition today.

This will help you cultivate and develop a REAL reputation.

Which will make you INSANELY attractive.


Learn How:



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