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Why You Should Never Chase Women


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It's a very common idea to NOT do something SPECIFICALLY to attract women.

This is a very good idea.

Because if you are ONLY doing things to attract women, or any particular women, this is dangerous.

You're basically sending a message to her, and your subconscious that getting a woman is MORE important than living a successful life.

Most guys do this when they put women up on a pedestal.

The make her seem much better than they really are.

This is a form of one-itis.

When you have an IMAGINATION of her that is not based on reality.

When you fall in love with an idealized version of her.

But this can also happen when you try to pursue women in general.

You start to focus on doing things ONLY to get women.

For example, when you buy clothing ONLY to impress women, this can be dangerous.

However, there is a LOT of overlap.

Meaning if you ONLY focus on living a successful life, then chances are you will be MORE attractive to women.

In this way, the general attraction you are generating WITHIN a large number of women can be a very useful measurement.

A side effect.

Especially when you consider that women are attracted to non-verbal behaviors.

The type of non-verbal behaviors that are highly associated with general male leadership.

This can be very confusing.

Many guys try and FAKE alpha behavior.

This can work well in the short term.

But it's generally ONLY associated with short term female attraction.

Deep and intuitive alpha behavior is picked up on by both men and women.

Deep and intuitive alpha behavior will make you more attractive to PEOPLE in general.

More men will WANT to follow you.

More women will WANT to be with you.

The truth about female attraction triggers is they are attracted to male behaviors.

Behaviors that indicate general success potential.

Since the dawn of time, men have been PRODUCTIVE.

And women have been ATTRACTIVE.

The job of women is to choose the most productive man and seduce him.

This gives us a very keen insight.

That if you measure the attraction you are creating in women, the deep intuitive attraction, this is ALSO a strong measure of your masculinity.

Not fake masculinity, where you are worried about what to say and what to wear and how to act.

REAL and deep masculinity.

That is EXTREMELY rare today.

The kind of masculinity that builds financial empires.

The kind of masculinity that leads men to conquer nations.

The kind of masculinity that all women deeply crave.

If you work on building this kind of masculinity, you can choose from among a whole slew of women.

For whatever reasons you want.

Learn How:


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