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One of the biggest killers of attraction is to make your intentions known.

One of Dale Carnegie's most helpful insights is the idea that you can get anybody to do anything so long as they believe it's their idea.

Which means if you are CONSCIOUSLY trying to create attraction, it won't work very well.

Best case is you are her only choice.

And she ALREADY has a baseline level of attraction.

But if you come out of nowhere, and start talking to her, it's very difficult to CREATE attraction from nothing.

It's especially hard if she sense's that is your intention.

If she DOES become attracted to you, it will be IN SPITE OF your conscious efforts.

Why is this?

Because you absolutely cannot consciously create attraction.

This is the deep natural subconscious attraction.

This ISN'T a girl consciously deciding the TYPE of guy she wants.

When it comes to girls and guys, a food metaphor is appropriate.

Nobody can CONVINCE you (or anybody else) to LIKE a certain kind of food.

Sure, they can convince you that it's healthy, and good for you.

But only your SUBCONSCIOUS can determine if you LIKE something or not.

If it gives you PLEASURE while you eat it or think about eating it.

But you CAN figure out how to COOK SOMETHING that has a high probability of being liked to many people.

You can do some reverse engineering of what many people eat.

Find out what kind of restaurants are popular, etc.

So if you were having a dinner party, for example, you could figure out BEFORE HAND what kind of food people would like.

Then make that.

But it would be IMPOSSIBLE to talk somebody into liking something that they didn't like.

Sure, you could convince them it was HEALTHY.

That they SHOULD eat it.

But you'd never be able to convince somebody to like it.

Girls being attracted to guys works exactly the same way.

The guys that she is NATURALLY attracted to is beyond her choice.

And it's beyond your choice as well.

At least in the short term.

If a girl REALLY likes you, you can get away with a lot.

If a girl DOESN'T like you, there's not much you can do.

But if you understand the types of guys she and other girls NATURALLY like, you can slowly build in those characteristics.

Turns out there are some very SIMPLE exercises that you can do.

The MORE you do the, the more girls will be naturally attracted to you.

While you can't get A GIRL to like you, you CAN get many, many GIRLS to like you.

Learn How:


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