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When it comes to eating, there are two kinds of food.

The kind that tastes good.

And the kind that is good for you.

Ideally, getting both in the same thing is best.

But hard to find.

Plenty of healthy food is dressed up to taste like delicious food, but it's usually an acquired taste.

When it comes to choosing romantic partners, the same thing applies.

There are people who are GOOD for you, and then there are people who are ATTRACTIVE.

The people who are good for you are like healthy food.

The people who are attractive are like the delicious food.

This is true for both men and women.

When it comes to the guys women are attracted to, there are two kinds.

The guy who she is INSTINCTIVELY attracted to.

The guy she can't help thinking about.

Then there's the guy that she knows is "good for her."

And if she is VERY LUCKY, she'll find both in the same guy.

The guy who makes her subconsciously, romantically, emotionally and sexually attracted.

And the guy who is good for her.

The guy her friends approve of.

The guy her parents approve of.

Most ladies assume they've got to settle.

But this rarely works.

If the choose the guy who's good FOR her, her eyes will begin to wander.

If she chooses the guy she's irresistibly attracted to, HIS eyes will always wander.

If she COULD find the guy who satisfied BOTH criteria, she'd be in heaven.

Not only would she be irresistibly, romantically and sexually attracted to him, but she would also look good with him.

Her friends and family would approve.

Most of the time, it's hit or miss.

But when you understand exactly WHAT creates attraction, you can reverse engineer this feeling.

Just food companies have reverse engineered stuff that we can't STOP eating, you can reverse engineer her attraction triggers.

This goes way beyond short term game techniques.

This is way beyond clothing, or looks, or even wealth.

This is based on deep and ancient instincts.

Things she won't be able to STOP thinking of.

Things about you.

Because once you develop these traits, you'll never have to chase women again.

Just show up, act naturally, and choose from the best ones.

This WILL take time.

Like I said, it's NOT based on short game techniques.

It's based on re-calibrating your core being.

Not only will you become insanely attractive to many women, but you will become an extremely HIGH QUALITY MALE.

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